Friday, 5 December 2014

Winter appropriate dressy outfit!

My biggest problem when it comes to winter is dressing up. Yes, we can all rock those wooly jumpers and jeans. However, I still need to dress formally without freezing!!!

So here's something I've been trying. First off, go out and buy yourself some proper good thick tights! I bought mine from Marks and Spencer's, they might be a bit more expensive but mine have lasted so long and they stand up to being machine washed (which is amazing!).

Next combine with a cute dress (with a thermal vest underneath shhhh), a snood, thick socks, boots, a cardigan and a jacket/coat.

Here's an example of what I wore a few days back: 

Ignore the mess!!! 

I'm definitely going to be trying this out with a few of my other dresses too! 
I hope this gave you a bit of winter wardrobe inspiration. 

Much love, Beth xxx