Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Scotland outfit inspired by the sea...

I thought I'd bring you another fashion post since it's been a while...

Whilst in Scotland I happened to wear this outfit whilst we explored the coast. It was completely non intentional but actually a happy accident. 

My mum actually bought me the dress I am wearing, she bought one for herself and I loved the design so much that I asked her to pick one up for me aswell.

What I'm wearing:
Stripy navy and white dress, Asda
Grey leggings, Marks and Spencer
Red plimsoles, Primark
Necklace, Ebay
Black belt, Primark

Hope you're all well,
Much love, Beth xxx

Monday, 28 July 2014

Losing weight doesn't nescessarily mean you're comfortable in your own skin...

 I've been sick this past week but it's given me plenty of time to reflect...

As I was looking through some Facebook photos I came across loads of photos from a trip to Seattle in Spring 2012. I look great, well minus the braces and the unruly hair! I'd been working hard since January 2012 to improve what I ate and loose some weight through slimming world. Unbeknown to me, I actually lost weight on that trip and reached my goal/target weight, which is a full 10 pounds lighter than my weight at the moment.

You'd think I'd be really happy right?

The thing is, when I look back on this photos, I remember how uncomfortable I felt. I compared myself to all the other girls I met on that trip, I always felt way bigger than them, when in fact looking back at the photos I was the same size if not smaller than them.

Ironically, now, being at a different target weight and 10 pounds heavier, I feel so much more comfortable & confident. My weight is a lot more realistic for me to be able to maintain. But more than that, I've changed my mindset.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? So how can you ever view yourself as beautiful unless YOU believe it?

Forget the number on a scale, and try to work on how you view yourself. 

Slimming world has been so great by supporting me over the last 3 years while I figured out what my target weight was, I couldn't have done it without the support!

Much love, Beth xxx

Here's some photographic evidence ;)

Me in Seattle, Spring 2012:

Me in Spring/Summer 2014:

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The deal with medication...

This is a hard post for me to write, to be honest I'm a little afraid of how everyone will react but this is just MY opinion, I'm not telling you what is right or wrong.

When it comes to medication everyone seems to have quite strong opinions, or at least a lot of people I've met. Quite often I get people saying I shouldn't be on medication at my young age or that surely I can sort it out through herbal means or my diet?

My answer? Well, simply put, in my opinion, No.

When i take medication be it pain relief, anti inflammatories, anti sickness etc. it means that I need help (yeah yeah, I already know I need mental help, no sarcastic comments :P).
At this current time, my body needs help. The pain is just too much, I cannot foresee myself having ANY quality of life WITHOUT medication. 

It hurts me to have to say that, but I wouldn't be on the medication if I felt otherwise.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, some people really suceed with changing their diets or taking herbal supplements, and I'm so happy for them. But sometimes when you've been passed from  doctor to doctor, refered to physio numerous times with every physiotherapist saying my joints are too inflamed to help me, when you've been on the waiting list to get a scan to find out everything came back normal, to have doctors tell you the pain is all in your head... Sometimes you've just had enough. 

Sometimes you just want your life back, and if you need medication to do that, I think that's ok.

Much love, Beth xxx

Monday, 21 July 2014

One of my favourite desserts...mmm!

Doesn't it just look so yummy?

Seriously, this is probably one of the simplest yet tasty desserts I make,
Here's what you'll need, 
Yogurt (any kind, I prefer Greek for the thicker consistency)
Choc shot (liquid chocolate, you can this in the hot chocolate sections of most supermarkets)
Strawberry jam

I started off with a wine glass and spooning in the choc shot, you can make it look as fancy or as messy as you want, just try to distribute it evenly. Then I layered the yogurt and strawberries alternatively, on the last strawberry layer I added a tsp of my mums strawberry jam (uh-mazing)!

It's really that simple, it tastes delicious and it's usually exactly what I want on a summers day.

I hope you are all well,
Much love, Beth xxx

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Learning from your mistakes...

I just love this quote...

Being an artist means you have to take things lightly. Quite often paintings don't work out or a new project really isn't successful. You learn to just see how things turn out, and get really excited if they go well!

I wish I could carry more of that attitude over into my general life, I do believe though that mistakes create any amazing opportunity to learn and correct yourself. It doesn't feel good at the time but maybe if you reflect on a bad decision you made in the past few years, you learn more about yourself having to go through tough times.

I'm forever saying that having a chronic illness has made me a better person. Sometimes things in life are unexplained and seem unfair but if you can create that into any opportunity for change, then go you! 

Hope you're having a great day, 
Much love, Beth xxx

Monday, 7 July 2014

What do I eat when travelling?

We have all come to this dilemma - travelling for a long flight/journey and trying to be healthy!

Recently I was travelling in a car for around 10-12 hours, and in the past I've really struggled to pick the best snacks and meals that will help me not feel horrible!

So I quickly ran around a supermarket at the start of our journey and picked up some healthy options.

Here's what I came up with

Naked bars - all made from natural ingredients like fruits and nuts, cold pressed to make an awesome healthy bar.
Yeo valley full fat Greek style yogurt - this little yogurt was awesome, it comes with a little folded up spoon, there was plenty of room for toppings too!
Tesco snack pots of nuts, seeds and dried fruit - these were amazing! They had great variety with sweet and savoury options, with the portions already sorted means you have enough to eat but you're not lugging around half eaten food.
Last but not least, blueberries - they are awesome for you plus this small tub of 100grams means it's not too much for a journey!

See my photos of my journey snacking! :)