Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Learning to live a little!

Hello one and all,
Today i write about something that's been on my mind alot recently. I think in all areas of life we can become too strict with ourselves, set too many boundaries, rules and ultimately compromise ourselves. This really hits homes with weight loss and overall trying to be healthier. I've been sooo 'good' over the past couple of months that I've got to the point where my body isn't showing any results anymore. I still eat loads, always trying to add variety and versatility, eating plenty of nutritious food. However, the thought crossed my mind the other day, i can't remember the last time i let myself go. When was the last time i had that mouth watering cinnamon swirl from O'Doherty's bakery, bought clotted cream and savoured it on scones with strawberry jam, or what about my most favourite cheesecake from cafe del mondo, i haven't had that in well over a year!
Suddenly, i realised that in my attempts to be 'healthy' i haven't allowed myself to slip up foodwise in any sort of social situation, which for the most part is fine but shouldn't we have a little bit of what we love every now and again?
Well, i answered that question by my actions today. After stepping on the scales this morning and seeing yet another weeks hard effort rewarded with a very frustrating half a pound on! I asked mum if she'd have coffee with me at cafe del mondo. For what feels like the first time in forever, i relaxed and got lost in a world of white chocolate cheesecake goodness! (seriously if you live in Northern Ireland, go to Cafe del mondo in Derry/Londonderry,  you won't regret it!)
So here's my lesson, i will forever be an avid promoter of having a healthy lifestyle, making improvements where you can, but don't ever ever loose track of the fun, enjoyable, guilty pleasure moments in life.
Much Love,  Beth xxx
Here's a few photos of me and my cheesecake today...