Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Losing weight & keeping it off

Hey everyone,

Today i wanted to write a slightly different post as i was feeling in the mood to talk about weighloss.
If you're anything like me then weight has and always will be something i have to keep an eye on.  I was overweight in the later years of my childhood and my early teenage years. These years were a struggle for me, but ultimately it led me in my mid-teens to loose 2 stone and keep it off.

Personally, i lost weight via slimming world. I really do love the eating plan, the lifestyle and the freedom it promotes.
Throughout the last few years i have struggled to keep the weight off but i am proud to say that i have! I've learnt that maintaining a healthy weight is a lifestyle shaped by good choices, not one crash diet after another.
If you are struggling with your weight, know that you are beautiful and you deserve to be the healthiest version of you possible.

As of January 2014 i took up Jessica Smith's fitness challenge throughout the month, i got into the habit of doing some exercise each day and atleast 5 x 30min sessions a week. So, i have continued to have an exercise routine along side my eating habits and i am really starting to FEEL like the healthy woman i am.

I hope you find inspiration to achieve your weightloss and health goals. I will do more posts soon about my everyday food and explaining a bit more about slimming world itself.

Much love, Beth xxx