Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hair Glare!

Hey one and all!

So I have a new video up on my youtube channel! It's a tutorial of a hairstyle that I love to wear. A high bun that's fantastic for getting your hair out of your face or could be worn on occasions like a party or even a job interview.

Watch "How to: High bun Quick & Messy" on YouTube

Let me know what you thought of the video and the hairstyle.

Much love, Beth xxx

Tanya Burr...Just A little obsessed!

Anyone who really knows me, will know how much Tanya Burr inspired me to love makeup and i continue to love and watch all her videos. I really do love her style and great choices when it comes to makeup.

She's had the privledge of attending a few public events such as premieres and fashion shows. I'm so pleased her success is being recognised to an extend that she is being invited to such events.

So as i'm always googling her to find the latest photos of her at public events, i thought i should share with you some of the amazing fashion choices she has made and the outfits i love. I'll rank in number to my most favourite. Enjoy!






If you love Tanya too, then let me know! Much Love, Beth xxx

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Duo tone eye makeup

When searching through some old photos I came across a makeup look I used to wear alot in my early teens.
As time goes on we try out different makeup looks and forget about older ones (thank goodness for photos)
Anyway I thought it was high time I tried out this look again.
I must say I'm a little bit addicted to the duo tone look.
What do you think of my Attempt? Do you have two colours you love to wear on your eye makeup?
Much love, Beth xxx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Fitness update...

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been on the quite side here on my blog. I'm trying to adjust and organise my schedule so that i get more consistent with my posts. Bear with me!

I wanted to update you on my health. Despite my many health problems i am determined to get fit. However i don't believe in the phrase 'no pain no gain'. The problem with having a health problem and piling exercise on top of that is you end up in bed recovering for 2 weeks. You're right back at square 1.

So this is something with VERY slow progress. It going to take a lifetime of effort to build up to a level of exercise and maintain it.

A normal person might jump in with 30 minute workouts. But i decided to start at 5 minutes. 5 mins of exercise where i didn't push myself too hard but increased my heart rate. I'm now up to 7 minutes on the stationary bike, twice a week.

I also adapted the 30 day squat challenge to a 47 day squat challenge. It was more realistic to do that. I'm at Day 5 and not feeling too much strain YET. But i've promised myself i'll stop if i feel like it's going beyond my energy levels.

I'll be back with more beauty and makeup posts soon. I think of you all often and appreciate the page views and followers.

If you want to track my progress, join me at my Fittness and Health TWITTER account.

Much Love, Beth... X

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Quick UPDATE: New Hairstyle

 Follow this link to watch a video with BEFORE and AFTER photos of my hair: 

Much Love, Have a great day, Beth xxx

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Trying to downplay Technology!!

Technology can be used for good. It helps connect so many people. It helps me track my exercise, sleeping patterns and practice for my driving theory test. But do you ever stop and think: Is this all too much?

If you're anything like me, you check your phone every half an hour, you're on google as soon as you hear a word you don't understand and your constantly browsing Ebay and Amazon for things you don't really need.

Recently, i've been thinking, what if i went without my phone,laptop and TV for a day...what would i do? The sad thing is i know i would be bored within a couple of hours without those things. So, i think it's time we all reflected...

Should i try not using my phone for the day?

Will i not watch that TV program and instead go for a walk?

Will i go for coffee with my mum instead of writing a blog post?

I know we all feel our responsibilities constantly tugging on us. But every once in a while let go of the technology rope and do something worthwhile with your time.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you set limits on how long you use technology?

What would you do with the spare time technology takes up?

As Always, Be the best version of yourself. Much Love, Beth x

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Word of the moment: Inspire!

What a real blessing it is that we can inspire one another! I was thinking the other day of all the positive things that people have done for me or said to me. I am really thankful for all those moments. 
We all have the opportunity to inspire one another everyday. Inspire others around you to be creative, to show love, to be themselves and help others. What a privilege that is!

I love this word and all that it stands for so much that it is actually the name of my Art business.
I never did want to go to university, so i stood my ground, stayed at home and set up a business. I love all that the business and i stand for. I want to inspire others through my paintings to be unique, and not be afraid of difference. 
So, go on! Be Inspirational!

Much Love, Beth xxx