Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Word of the moment: Inspire!

What a real blessing it is that we can inspire one another! I was thinking the other day of all the positive things that people have done for me or said to me. I am really thankful for all those moments. 
We all have the opportunity to inspire one another everyday. Inspire others around you to be creative, to show love, to be themselves and help others. What a privilege that is!

I love this word and all that it stands for so much that it is actually the name of my Art business.
I never did want to go to university, so i stood my ground, stayed at home and set up a business. I love all that the business and i stand for. I want to inspire others through my paintings to be unique, and not be afraid of difference. 
So, go on! Be Inspirational!

Much Love, Beth xxx