Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Fitness update...

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been on the quite side here on my blog. I'm trying to adjust and organise my schedule so that i get more consistent with my posts. Bear with me!

I wanted to update you on my health. Despite my many health problems i am determined to get fit. However i don't believe in the phrase 'no pain no gain'. The problem with having a health problem and piling exercise on top of that is you end up in bed recovering for 2 weeks. You're right back at square 1.

So this is something with VERY slow progress. It going to take a lifetime of effort to build up to a level of exercise and maintain it.

A normal person might jump in with 30 minute workouts. But i decided to start at 5 minutes. 5 mins of exercise where i didn't push myself too hard but increased my heart rate. I'm now up to 7 minutes on the stationary bike, twice a week.

I also adapted the 30 day squat challenge to a 47 day squat challenge. It was more realistic to do that. I'm at Day 5 and not feeling too much strain YET. But i've promised myself i'll stop if i feel like it's going beyond my energy levels.

I'll be back with more beauty and makeup posts soon. I think of you all often and appreciate the page views and followers.

If you want to track my progress, join me at my Fittness and Health TWITTER account.

Much Love, Beth... X