Friday, 5 June 2015

My Week: Live life through my eyes //The open diary of a chronic illness champion

Hello dear friends, I hope you are all well!

A couple of weeks back i got an idea to keep a diary for 7 days, documenting what it's really like to manage everyday life with a chronic illness.

Inevitably, some days were better than others, hence some of the blog posts were better and longer than others.

If know someone with a chronic illness, extreme fatigue or even chronic pain, i'd ask that you please read some of these diary entries. When you have a chronic illness, all you want is someones understanding. This is my way of giving people the opportunity to understand what life is like from MY perspective.

Day #1 - 'not my usual start to the week':

Day #2 - 'sleep is wayyy too important':

Day #3 - 'a busy work day & driving!!':

Day #4 - 'the "Meh" days' :

Day #5 - 'changing up my diet':

Day #6 - 'Work hours are non-existent':

Day #7 - 'social situations can be stressful':

Please let me say that these diary entires are personal to my circumstances. This doesn't blanket cover all people with chronic illness. We are all in different circumstances, some better, and some worse than others. I would consider myself somewhere in the middle. If you know someone personally who is going through a tough time or tiresome circumstances, i would encourage you to go and talk to them. Give them the opportunity to open up to you and give them time to voice how they feel.

Have a great day!

Much love, Beth xxx