Friday, 7 February 2014

My day in New York...

If you'd have told me 6 months ago that i would have got the opportunity to go to New York i wouldn't have believed you but it happened!
A completely unexpected trip happened and amongst it all my brother and i had the opportunity to spend a day in New York starting off in Manhattan then to Brooklyn and ending our day in the Bronx.
We hadn't planned anything for the day but rather wanted to explore and see where we ended up. We had such an awesome day and for a big city,  New York is extremely beautiful. It really took me by surprise.
I think my happiest moment was getting to be in central park in the rain. We discovered this beautiful lake,  it was so picturesque! We took cover under a tree and enjoyed the moment of peace in such a crazy city!
Something i am not used to is just how BIG the city is! We walked for two hours and only covered 6 blocks x 2 blocks,  needless to say it was pretty exhausting! And trying to find the subway was a NIGHTMARE! But we found so much beauty, peace, and excitement in that day. 
My brother and i both agreed we need atleast two weeks there, staying right in the city, to explore more. If you're thinking about visiting, DO IT!
Here's just a few of my snaps from the day. Enjoy...