Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Appreciate what's around you...

Growing up in Ireland I know for definite that I take the beautiful views around me for granted.
Some people may be against social media but actually apps like Instagram have really helped me to stop, appreciate where I am and take in the view. In the last two weeks we've been spoilt with brilliant views and some good weather. I wanted to share with you the photos I've taken of the beautiful nature around me recently. Enjoy...

Have a great day! Much love, Beth xxx

Friday, 15 August 2014

My go to summer makeup look...

I don't know about you but I always feel like summer makeup should be bold and bright. If that doesn't sound like you then have a look at this makeup look. This is my summer look for those days when I want something a bit more tame.

I've used a golden colour range from no.7 in my eyes, it has shimmer in it making it feel really summery!
I've teamed that with my Nearly naked foundation in Nude by Revlon, contouring with a shimmer highlighter and a Rimmel blush.
Lastly, I lined my eyes with black liquid liner and mascara both by Seventeen (Boots own brand in the uk).

Here's the look...

Have a great day, 
Much love Beth xxx

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Quinoa watermelon salad ~ no added sugar recipes...

This is a really yummy yet different savoury meal that I have enjoyed whilst doing the No Added Sugar challenge.

First off I made the quinoa as directed on the packet, I think it's normally 1 part quinoa to 5 parts water. Whilst that was cooking I steamed broccoli, green beans and red pepper. I also chopped up some watermelon and feta cheese as a garnish. Side note, have you ever had watermelon and feta cheese together??? It's an acquired taste but I find it really beautiful!

Anyway, when the quinoa is done, season it with salt and pepper and serve it on a plate. Next dish out the steamed veggies then lastly sprinkle over the watermelon and feta cheese. 

I chose to keep the watermelon separate on this plate as the quinoa was still hot and I don't find cooked watermelon very appealing!

I hope you get some inspiration from this meal and I hope it will encourage you to try something new.

Much love, Beth xxx

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Confessions of a sugar addict...

I'm a sugar addict and I know it. It's hard not to be with sugar in everything from our tinned tomatoes to our bran flakes. 

Recently I watched an American news report where two presenters challenged themselves to a 'no added sugar' diet for 10 days. Inspired by this, I decided to try it myself.
The rules are pretty simple - no ADDED sugar. No processed sugar, whether it's been put in to make something sweeter or just used as a preservative.

I started the challenge yesterday, and already I'm struggling with how many simple foods you wouldn't class as processed contain sugar that's been added in. I am allowing myself dried fruits and what I would consider natural sweetners like agave nectar and honey.
Sweetners are also off the list as it challenges you more to find alternatives to what you normally eat.

So far, I'm not having too much of a problem with savoury foods although that can be a challenge too. But mostly I'm having trouble with craving sweet things, which is to be expected! I've been eating plenty of fruit and dried fruit. I've also been working hard to invent new desserts like frozen banana ice cream, sweet potato biscuits and energy balls.

I feel like I'm really cleansing my body but I just wish the headaches would let up! They're really intense!
It just goes to show how much my body craves sugar.

I'm going to do a blog post at the end of the 10 days with tips on how to stick to the challenge, also I'll stick up some recipes, mainly for desserts, along the way.

I've got some challenging days ahead, eating out is going to be a nightmare as soooo much sugar is in fast food but I'll do my best!

Much love, Beth xxx

Monday, 4 August 2014

'I have to push through it' days...

Anyone who has chronic pain or fatigue knows what I mean. When, no matter how you feel, you've got somewhere you have to be or something you have to do and despite the pain you're in, you push through it.

Many people view this as a good thing, you're pushing beyond your limits, beyond what you think you can do, that has to be good for you!

I actually have to disagree. I live a life that is balanced, I do enough each day to keep going but not so much that I'm completely wiped the next day. Living your life like this is frustrating because you have to tell yourself no, and you have to accept that things will get done slower. But there's a reason I live like this.

Research done into pain and how that relates to energy levels showed that the more you push yourself beyond your 'normal' energy level, the more damage you do to your energy levels overall. The more you yo-yo between having a really great day and having a really bad day, the more your energy levels go down and the less you'll be able to do.

Very often, I view my life as sedate and quiet but I quite like that. It limits the amount of really bad days I have.

Life happens, there are going to be occasions when we, chronic pain sufferers, will have to push through! I had to do this a couple of nights ago. I've had an awful week but I knew I had to sing with the band at a party this weekend. They could have probably got by without me but I didn't want to put that pressure on them. So, I stuck a smile on my face and got through it.
But on the whole, if you can reduce the amount of days you do that, you actually help your future!

There's tons of research being done into pain and how your brain deals with it that I just find fascinating. I may not be able to control my condition but understanding it helps. Knowledge is power.

Much love, Beth xxx

Messing around at the party this weekend...