Monday, 4 August 2014

'I have to push through it' days...

Anyone who has chronic pain or fatigue knows what I mean. When, no matter how you feel, you've got somewhere you have to be or something you have to do and despite the pain you're in, you push through it.

Many people view this as a good thing, you're pushing beyond your limits, beyond what you think you can do, that has to be good for you!

I actually have to disagree. I live a life that is balanced, I do enough each day to keep going but not so much that I'm completely wiped the next day. Living your life like this is frustrating because you have to tell yourself no, and you have to accept that things will get done slower. But there's a reason I live like this.

Research done into pain and how that relates to energy levels showed that the more you push yourself beyond your 'normal' energy level, the more damage you do to your energy levels overall. The more you yo-yo between having a really great day and having a really bad day, the more your energy levels go down and the less you'll be able to do.

Very often, I view my life as sedate and quiet but I quite like that. It limits the amount of really bad days I have.

Life happens, there are going to be occasions when we, chronic pain sufferers, will have to push through! I had to do this a couple of nights ago. I've had an awful week but I knew I had to sing with the band at a party this weekend. They could have probably got by without me but I didn't want to put that pressure on them. So, I stuck a smile on my face and got through it.
But on the whole, if you can reduce the amount of days you do that, you actually help your future!

There's tons of research being done into pain and how your brain deals with it that I just find fascinating. I may not be able to control my condition but understanding it helps. Knowledge is power.

Much love, Beth xxx

Messing around at the party this weekend...