Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Holland & Barrett Haul with Links!

Hey Folks!

Recently i put up a Holland and Barrett haul on my Youtube channel. I wanted to provide the links to everything i bought so you could go take a look yourself and be able to purchase what i mentioned.

If you haven't watched my video you can do so here:

List of Products purchased:

Meridian Natural Smooth Peanut Butter 1000g tub:

Pukka Fairtrade Original Chai Tea, 20 teabags:

Wholefoods Chia Seeds, 100g:

Precision Engineered Breakfast Whey Powder, 70g:

Wholefoods Bombay Mix, 150g:

Wholefoods Bulgar Wheat, 500g:

Wholefoods Millet Grain, 500g:

Whole foods Brown Rice Flour, 500g:

I hope you all found this helpful, if you would like a review of any of the specific items let me know in the comments.

Hope you're all well, Have a great day, Beth xxx

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Demelza's Song LYRICS ...I'd a pluck a fair rose for my love - Poldark

I recently did a cover of this song and put it up on Youtube, however i noticed the Lyrics weren't anywhere to be found online. I had to revert to the good old fashioned way of listening to the song and writing down the Lyrics. I thought i would spare anyone else the trouble and post the lyrics here!

I'd a pluck a fair rose for my love
I'd a pluck a red rose blowin'
Love's in my heart, i'm tryin' so to prove
What your heart's knowin'

I'd a pluck a finger on a thorn
I'd a pluck a finger bleedin'
Red is my heart, wounded and forlorn
And your heart needin'

I'd a hold a finger to my tongue
I'd a hold a finger waitin'
My heart is sore, until it joins in song
With your heart matin'

Enjoy singing this beautiful song and please listen to my version if you haven't already.

Much Love, Beth xxx