Saturday, 26 July 2014

The deal with medication...

This is a hard post for me to write, to be honest I'm a little afraid of how everyone will react but this is just MY opinion, I'm not telling you what is right or wrong.

When it comes to medication everyone seems to have quite strong opinions, or at least a lot of people I've met. Quite often I get people saying I shouldn't be on medication at my young age or that surely I can sort it out through herbal means or my diet?

My answer? Well, simply put, in my opinion, No.

When i take medication be it pain relief, anti inflammatories, anti sickness etc. it means that I need help (yeah yeah, I already know I need mental help, no sarcastic comments :P).
At this current time, my body needs help. The pain is just too much, I cannot foresee myself having ANY quality of life WITHOUT medication. 

It hurts me to have to say that, but I wouldn't be on the medication if I felt otherwise.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, some people really suceed with changing their diets or taking herbal supplements, and I'm so happy for them. But sometimes when you've been passed from  doctor to doctor, refered to physio numerous times with every physiotherapist saying my joints are too inflamed to help me, when you've been on the waiting list to get a scan to find out everything came back normal, to have doctors tell you the pain is all in your head... Sometimes you've just had enough. 

Sometimes you just want your life back, and if you need medication to do that, I think that's ok.

Much love, Beth xxx