Saturday, 20 December 2014

A little Lindt rave! Dark chocolate & Cacao 🍫

Oh how I love Lindt! And as much as I love their truffles they aren't the best for my waistline! 
BUT I do lovvvveeee dark chocolate and I wanted to introduce you to two of my new Lindt dark chocolate favourites! 

The first one is the lime intense and it is uhmazing! I would totally recommend it if you love lime, I warn you - it's addictive! 

The second bar is something I got so excited about!!!! No they didn't misspell cocoa, that's meant to say cacao!! 
I've been wanting to try cacao for some time but raw cacao is really expensive! 

Cacao is chocolate in its raw form, it contains very little sugar but a higher amount of fat. I wouldn't recommend eating it straight, it's intense!!! But I cannot wait to start cooking with it. I made a hot chocolate with it today and I was gorgeous! 

Anyway, these bars are on 2 for £3 in Tesco at the moment. I will be stocking up again!!!

Much love, Beth xxx