Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Being super proud of my little business - Silly Moo Art

I don't know if I've ever really talked about my artwork on this blog, but I felt like it was time to tell you all how it happened that I became an artist.

Towards the end of high school and my A levels I was really struggling. I didn't show it, well my mum could tell, sometimes we can be good actors when it comes to our own lives.

So I didn't think I could mentally face more full time education, never mind physically. At this point I had been ill and in chronic pain for just over 2 years. 

One day I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and I decided I wanted to be an artist. Don't ask me why - I hadn't painted in 2 years! But I decided this and stuck to it. I didn't know the first thing about business! But I knew my parents wouldn't mind me having a go at it. I never felt an overwhelming pressure from them that I had to hurry up and start earning my keep, it's never been like that in my household and I'm very appreciative to my parents for that. Because it allowed me to be an entrepreneur.

The first year I earned very little money. I spent a lot of time experimenting and teaching myself new techniques. Most importantly I built my portfolio.

The second year was a little more busy. I had my own solo exhibition which was a real blast, I loved it! Much to my delight people finally started referring to me as an artist *eeeeekkkkk*.

I'm in my third year now and I'm at a point now where as one project ends another one starts. It's a nice feeling to have commissions :)

I am be social media MAD! Talking of which, here's my Instagram:

I am thankful I have work that I can adapt to my health. I have now found a very supportive group of spoonies who can relate to me and make me feel like I'm not alone. 

I guess I'm saying, thank you to anyone who supports me. You rock! 

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With love, many thanks, 
Beth xxx