Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Being determined to make this winter better than last...

It's easy to forget how hard life was in the past. Last winter was truly awful for me. I felt like my life crumbled around me. All my life felt non existent, I had no routine and I felt very unproductive. 

This year I am determined to make sure I don't retreat into a 3 month long hibernation! So here's some steps I'll be taking to make this year better:

• Be Social! 
My biggest downfall last year was allowing myself to stay in the house for most of winter. I hardly had anything organised or any events to look forward too. This year I'm trying to keep a full calendar as much as possible.

• Try to take advantage of free events
There's always plenty of free events at this time of year! Try having a nosy around all the markets :)

• Join clubs!
Clubs are usually free or reasonably priced. Try and find out what's going on locally by getting in touch with your council or local community centre. 
I've join a walking club and a swimming club this winter. Both are free and provide great motivation for me to get out of bed 3 days a week! 

• Find a new hobby!
Find something you can enjoy doing from home. I've found great fun in baking! It's something you can do from home and it doesn't have to impact your waistline, try searching for clean eating bakes on Pinterest! Mmmmmmm! 

• Be honest with people 
Letting people know you struggle in the winter will help them to look after you better. When you're having a bad day make sure you reach out to your loved ones. 

To my fellow spoonies, you can make it through this tough time of year! Just do your best and be proud of yourself every single day. 

To everyone that loves me and looks after me, thank you, your support helps so much ❤️

My beautiful supportive mum and I...

Much love, Beth xxx