Monday, 8 December 2014

Joining the Quay Ramblers!

If any of you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed me mentioning walking a lot more than usual! Well let me explain :)

About a year and a half ago I was attending physio at my local hospital, I go every now and then for reassessments but the majority of the time I'm told there's not much they can do for me except some hydrotherapy. Anyway, I was told about a referral system that could get me into a gym working with a trainer to try and build up my strength. Whether I got lost in the system or the waiting list was long, I don't know, but I had kind of forgotten all about it! 

Then a month ago I get a call from the council offering me free fitness courses starting the following week. Walking & swimming appealed to me most so that's what I opted for! 

I was a bit scared that I would 'over train' as I did this at the start of 2014. I took on a training schedule that was wayyyyy too much for me, burnt out after 3 months and found it hard to maintain much exercise at all. 

But I felt ready for this. I walk on my own a lot and I felt a bit of company and motivation couldn't do me any harm! 

We've since become the Quay Ramblers and I'm fast becoming an advocate for this great bunch of people. It's a very simple idea really. All ages, all abilities, a couple of trainers and let's go for a walk! Not only am I rediscovering parts of the city, I'm connecting with people I've never met before and really feeling like we can relate to one another.

If you're interested the Quay Ramblers meet at the guild hall cafe, 10:30am on Tuesday's & Friday's.

The swimming is going really well too. I had no idea how unfit I'd become until I did a few lengths of the pool!!! But each week I feel I'm getting stronger. It's just what I needed to rebuild my strength after my endometriosis surgery. 

For now I feel like I'm doing just enough. When you have a chronic illness there's definitely a sweet spot you have to find between doing too much and too little! 

Much love, Beth xxx