Thursday, 21 May 2015

Day #4 - 'the "Meh" days' - Live life through my eyes: The open diary of a chronic illness champion Day #4

"Where there's hope, there's life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again" - Anne Frank

Today is tough. Not that it's been much of a tough day but rather it's tough to write about. But, I am thankful i have my little blog post to write today.

This morning I was blessed with the horrible curse all women get monthly. Whoop! whoop! Mood-crazy, sugar-craving time of the month! (SARCASM)
I kind of knew how the rest of the day would most likely pan out. When you add in this monthly blessing on top of existing pain and tiredness, it wipes you. Its frustrating though, you're forced to little, not out of choice or as a consequence of doing too much the day before but purely out of circumstance. It sucks...

It sounds extreme but at the end of day's like today you can very easily find yourself questioning what you even do with your life. It only takes 24 hours of having to stay in bed for your brain to turn on you and start viewing everything negatively.

But, you also ponder a lot of things. I often find myself thinking about my friends and wanting to spend more time with them. I think about my family, all they do for me and how i want to spend more time with them too. Most importantly, i think about the past. Many people tell me not to hold on to the past and to focus on the future. But, looking at the past gives me hope. I think of all the experiences i've had in my 21 years, all the times in the past when i did things i thought were impossible and that gives me hope. It reminds me that, today may not be so good, but who knows what i may accomplish tomorrow.

Speaking of which, i have alot of packaging up to do tomorrow. I had an auction on my Instagram account at the start of the week, so i've got some artwork to send off. I often give myself little goals to accomplish for the next day. Tomorrow's is to package up orders. If i get to the post office as well, that'd be a major bonus!

Thank you for reading this,
Much Love, Beth xxx

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