Saturday, 23 May 2015

Day #5 - 'changing up my diet' - Live life through my eyes: The open diary of a chronic illness champion

Days like today just fly by. We all get them and i think i truly know the day has flown by when it's 11pm at night and i'm only just starting to think about dinner.

I've been debating changing up my diet recently. I've cut down on bad fats and sugars recently which has brought down my overall calorie intake and i can feel the difference. I eat fairly 'clean' and healthy. I always try to cook everything from scratch but i never think too much about food 'groups' and whether i'm having an equal amount from each. Recently i'd come across an article on how a diet high in natural fats has helped some people with chronic illnesses.

I know, it sounds completely wrong. Adding fat to your diet can help? well apparently yes. And i know what your thinking... Ahhhhh...i'll put on 2 stone with a diet like that. Well that's where i was surprised, Many people found when lowering carbs, which can be translated into sugars and absorbed in to your bloodstream, and upping healthy natural fats, their body actually started letting go of their fat reserves and they lost weight. Which kind of makes sense when you think about it. Your body holds on to things it deprived of, like its afraid it won't get it again. But if you give it a regular fat intake, it starts a cycle where your body doesn't need to hold on to as much fat. Weight loss is definitely a benefit for me but the bigger appeal was that people noticed their side effects of chronic illness lessening.

Anyway, read up on it yourself. There's a lot more science behind it and it's a lot more eloquent than my ramblings.
The most important thing i'll need to consider is the impact it will have on my overall health. Most people can adapt well to new diets and quickly get into new routines but it takes a lot more thought and effort for me. When i try something new like this i have to think about whether i'm ready to take on the challenge yet or not.

Back to today...I got a little work done but it definitely feels like another day has whizzed past right before my eyes and I'm trying to catch up. Still, it was a much better day than yesterday.

Thank you for reading my ramblings, let me know your thoughts on chronic illness & diets/ high fat diets/changing eating habits... any of that stuff :)

Much Love, Beth xxx

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