Thursday, 21 May 2015

Day #3 - 'a busy work day & driving!!' - Live life through my eyes: The open diary of a chronic illness champion

Today was a good day. Sort of. Well, pretty much as good as it gets for me.

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It actually didn't start out great. I had to stay in bed an extra two hours than i wanted too. I know, it sounds heavenly but my stomach was cramping constantly and i couldn't stand without it hurting more. When you're on medication it's only "normal" that you'll get off days and side affects.

Once, that passed i got on with the day. My work had piled up throughout the last week so i had plenty to tackle! I replied to loads of messages, and got organising my desk ready to set up new commissions. I finished off a couple of illustrations and quotes, ready to package and send off. I also start some new projects. I cut out card, planned the artwork in my journal and mapped out the initial sketches on the sheets of card.

I gladly welcomed numerous tea breaks with my grandparents. They were over for the day helping with some major work going on in our garden. I wanted to be out there helping them but i had to be selfish in that 1. i had my work to do and 2. It would take me 3-5 days to get over that amount of physical work. Today was an example of why i am thankful to have an understanding family.
Not once did any of my family complain that i wasn't helping, it helps to take away the guilt when you have people that understand you surrounding you.

I then got some driving practice in when i took my grandparents home. Did i mention i passed my driving test? I did it exactly a week ago today. I learnt to drive in a Ford Fiesta and i own a Skoda Yetti... it's taking a little getting used to! The main thing is my spacing, not the road and parking, but i'm the type of person that i'd rather be safe than sorry so i'm being safe and double checking everything! I can't wait to know my car better and not have to think so much when driving her.

Once i got back home i felt super inspired to keep going with my artwork, there have been tons of projects i haven't been well enough to have a go at, so this evening i spent hours doodling and illustrating. I finished just after midnight and i feel super content. This is definitely a good day!
My back aches and i won't be able to do much more than work on the computer tomorrow but it's worth it. I'm currently looking at my desk covered in drawings, doodles, animals, patterns and orders,  feeling very content.

I hope you all had a great productive day!
Much Love, Beth xxx