Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Spoonie blogpost ~ Those days when you feel trapped inside the house

Fellow spoonies and anyone with long term health issues will all agree, as much as lazing around in your bed sounds like perfection... It's not. You can cope for a day or two but there comes a point when you long for fresh air and to be as far away from your bed as possible.
        Normally, I'm well enough to go for a short walk or coheres my brother into taking me for a drive. However over the last week I developed laryngitis and then a cold. What little I'm normally able to do on a daily basis turned into me being able to do literally nothing. So after a couple days of nothingness, I felt really claustrophobic ( my blocked nose and swollen throat probably had something to do with that!), I had to get outside.
       It was already quite late in the evening, but I grabbed a chair and sat outside for half an hour or so. It got me to thinking, why don't i do this already? 
       We know the benefits of fresh air and proper daylight, and even on my worst days I could probably manage to get to my garden. So for the last few days, still suffering with the cold, I've been enjoying my little nook in the garden (see the photo). I'm always cold so I've got plenty of blankets and my hot water bottle.

I hope this might inspire some fellow chronic pain sufferers to get outside if you can. Don't be afraid to ask family to lift out a chair for you or even better bring you out a cup of tea! 

Know that you're never alone, love Beth xxx