Wednesday, 11 June 2014

20 things we should all do before leaving for our holiday...

Before leaving home on my recent travels it occurred to me how many little things you have to do before you leave, most of which I forget about til I'm about to walk out the door resulting in a very frantic me running around the house...

To help you seem a bit more composed than me, I've made a list of all the things you might forget to do before leaving your house for a holiday...

This list applies to you presuming you're not having someone left at home or a friend house sitting...

1. Empty your bins, all of them... We've all done it, arriving home to a weird smell in the house isn't pleasant!
2. Make sure all your windows are closed and locked.
3. Strip the bed of all linen and if you get time put new sheets on, we all love a newly made bed when we arrive home from holiday!
4. Unplug everything except the refrigerator.
5. Turn off all the plug points.
6. Put all your clothes away, coming home to clothes strewn everywhere isn't the best feeling.
7. Closed your blinds/curtains.
8. Put a note up for the postman to leave any parcels in a discreet place in your garden or a trusted neighbour.
9. Be sure to tell any local deliveries (milkman, local farm food delierer etc.) that you'll not be around.
10. Tell a trusted neighbour you are going away and ask him/her to keep an eye on your house while you're away.
11. Leave a key with a nearby family member or friend incase of any emergencies.
12. Make sure you've unplugged your straighteners (this is the last thing you want to be worried about at the airport!)
13. Go around the house checking for any dishes laying about.
14. Try and time the last dishwasher load so that you're left with no dirty dishes whilst you're away, if that's not possible just quickly hand wash any dishes left in the sink etc.
15. Make sure you're wearing comfy shoes! You're travelling not in a fashion show!
16. Lock any outside garden gates, although it's always advisable to have one open for the postman!
17. Clear out the fridge - no mouldy surprises for when you get back.
18. Don't waste food! Freeze as much as you can, this is where being prepared helps. You could spend a little time chopping up any fruit/veg and putting it in the freezer instead of wasting it!
19. Empty the kettle, stale water left for days ain't nice!
20. Have someone come and check around the house once whilst you are away. It will help you have peace of mind and enjoy your holiday more.

I hope you have some amazing holidays coming up, more so I hope these tips will help you make the whole experience a little less stressful!

If you're going anywhere nice, let me know on twitter @bethirishart

Much love, Beth xxx