Monday, 9 June 2014

How can I improve my health and be a more positive person? ~ Pinterest

Isn't Pinterest great? I was strolling through my laptop the other day and I found hundreds of photos of things I liked that I used to save onto my computer, I'm so pleased I don't have to do that anymore!
          I pin all sorts, from my favourite TV shows, to decorating, to cooking. One board I have been trying to focus more on is 'Improve my health'. I think it goes for us all when I say no matter our circumstances there is always room to improve, especially mentally and emotionally. So yes, I have some bog standard 'this tea helps with pain' and 'this herb lessens inflammation' posts but I also have a lot of quotes. I view them as mini goals, in that, some day I too hope to think that way or maybe already have. 
          I would like to share a few of these with you. If you are on Pinterest then go have a browse for yourself at my board, if not here's a few quotes that inspire me on a daily basis...

Much love, Beth xxx