Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Give me a break!

Like most of us, I need a break every now and then (preferably sooner rather than later!). I'm not sure whether it's the chronic pain or just day to day life but I quite often find myself wishing I could be somewhere peaceful, just sit down and soak in the quiet.

I'm happy to say I'm taking that break and I'm in Scotland! I've had a very beautiful & peaceful trip, but I think today just put the cherry on the cake for me. It's been fairly humid but overcast since we arrived however today the majority of the clouds cleared off and the sun was blazing!
We explored a few towns nearby, had a picnic by the beach, wine in the pub beer garden and ended with fish & mushy peas by the seaside.

I took a short walk down the pier, sat down with my legs over the wall and shut my eyes. The sun was beautiful and I felt so content. 

I guess my message is go explore, get lost, drink some wine, have a picnic and I hope you have an awesome day.

Enjoy a few photos from today...

Much love, Beth xxx