Monday, 4 February 2013

Tanya Burr: I owe it all to you!

How beautiful is she? And although Tanya has no idea i exist. Her existence has impacted me greatly. As i'm sure she has made an impression upon so many other lives.

Tanya is like my beauty knight in shining armor! Let's roll back a couple months in my life...

Leaving school was tough. Don't worry i couldn't wait to leave but deciding to not go university and start it out on my own with being an artist (an artist that paints not a beauty artist unfortunately!) was daunting. But life had handed me the circumstances of having to life with long term chronic pain, so i wanted to turn things around and set up a business in doing something that brought me great joy!

I still love art and i am such a happy bunny to be able to do it everyday (that is, every day i'm feeling up to it). But along the way i started to develop a hobby. One day i'd dug out some old makeup from a couple years back and started messing around with it.

Here comes the bit where Tanya changes my life... hehe. Well it wasn't quite like that. I actually came across Jim Chapman's video on self tanning! Hahaha Goodness knows why i clicked on that video but then i started watching a few more of Jim's videos and this stunning woman kept appearing in them. I remember thinking 'oh man i wish i could learn how to do my makeup like her's because it's flawless!!!'

A couple days later and i was slightly obsessive with watching Tanya! Her realistic approach to make up made me feel like it wasn't impossible.

So soon i was heading out to boots and superdrug to try and get some new makeup. My mum marvelled as suddenly i went from only needing a mascara to wanting eyelash curlers, a red lippy, new mascara, new liquid liner, new bronzer, blush, eyebrow dye. Soon enough i had to take a day out just to organize my makeup into boxes so it would all fit!

I was soon learning how to contour, dye my own eyebrows (mum loved that one!), shape my eyebrows, what an arch in your eyebrow meant :) :) :) etc.

Whilst i was consumed with all this learning i was determined to stay myself. I was still me, the lover of lazy days, the i only have time for mascara but really don't care what i look like type.

This hobby has now developed into a passion that now sits along side my passion for art. I found meaning in my life through art and it's wonderful to get a deeper sense of purpose by now having 2 passions in my life.

As i was doing various makeup looks and getting progressively more and more adventurous, i contemplated making videos for my personal youtube channel. Then my brother kindly suggested that if it was such a passion of mine then it would be worth investing a separate youtube channel into it, and i agreed. So It's feburary now and i have set up that channel.

Although every now and again i still stop and think am i honestly giving people makeup and lifestyle advice???

But i guess eventually you have to have the confidence in yourself that what you are saying might just matter to someone else and i guess that is what Tanya has done for me.

Tanya has always been the one beauty guru i have consistently watched and always go to for advice...seriously, her how to dye your eyebrows video with Kate is a life saver!!!

So This is my public THANK YOU to Tanya. Not only has my outer appearance improved but my moral, outlook on life and positivity about life has all improved.

Tanya, i love you and Jim so much. More than You'll know. I continually watch and rewatch your videos. You are a very inspirational character in my life. And in 20 years time i will look back on this time in my life and continue to be thankful to you. I wish you and Jim all the happiness in life.

You are beautiful, inside and out.

Tanya's Youtube and Twitter

My Youtube and Twitter, also my Artwork can be viewed through this facebook page :)

Some looks inspired by Tanya's tutorials:

                                                                         Stay Beautiful xxx