Saturday, 2 February 2013

CCUK Natural Lash Mascara review

So, i don't know about you but for a while now I've been hearing...'it's good to give your lashes a break', 'clear mascara is really good for them'. So when doing my recent make up haul i thought i'd pick some out and try it. I got CCUK Natural Lash Mascara, a real budget item..but was it any good?

First off the product itself is presented nicely in sleek outer packaging. The Mascara itself could be compared to a gel, sort of looks like a lip-gloss if you don't look close enough. And the wand is just the same as on a normal mascara.

Now when i saw that the consistency was like gel i thought 'oh no, it's just going to sit wet on your lashes all day'. But it dried super quick! I curled my lashes before applying it and left it as it was. Now obviously it really doesn't give you the intensity or volume that an everyday mascara would but with no makeup or neutral makeup it looks great.

Plus you feel great knowing that your nourishing your lovely little lashes with a protein enriched formula. It's definitely something i would use on a weekly basis and in replacement of a normal mascara every now and again.

All the Best, Have A Great Day!

Love Bethany xxx

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