Monday, 25 February 2013

BaByliss Argan Oil, Initial Review!

Look what arrived!!

I know i'm a late comer to the Argan oil boat but if i'm honest the price stopped me previously purchasing.

I leapt with joy when i saw a bottle of BaByliss Argan oil in a blog sale! I quickly purchased it and today it arrived!

The bottle is small but i know you only have to use tiny amounts of this product for it to be effective.

The packaging reminded me a bit of some medicines bottles i've experienced in the past but this was all quickly forgotten as i wanted to try it out!

My hair was in a bit of disarray today so it needed some attention. The directions on the back instruct you to rub a pea size amount of the product into your hair, starting at the tips and working your way up. Immediately my hair felt softer and smoother.

The product was true to the description in that it left no residue on my fingers and didn't leave my hair looking greasy. I think the key with this is making sure you don't use too much!

4 hours or so later and my hair still feels and looks great. I'm hoping this product will improve the overall health of my hair. I'm also looking forward to trying this out on wet hair and seeing what difference it makes.

Do you use an Argan or Moroccan oil for your hair? What's your opinion on it?

(Take a look) The blog sale i got my Argan oil from:

Much love and Stay beautiful! Bethany xxx

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