Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What I use to edit my photos...

Recently I've discovered a few apps that have completely transformed my attitude towards photo editing. I've always used Instagrams standard filters but you know how frustrating it can be when none of them make your photo look the way you envisioned. 
       So, I was watching a vlog by Ben Brown were he showed how he edits his photos for Instagram. He mentioned Snapseed for the basic adjustments - exposure, crop, temperature, colour etc. Then another app called VSCOcam for filters, grain and fade.
      Personally I just love the feel that VSCOcam gives you. They aim to provide filters that give a vintage, film camera feel to them. Here's a few examples of unedited photos next to photos I've edited through the two apps...

I hope you have a go at using these apps! 

Much love, Beth xxx