Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A healthier version of an Irish Scone

A few weeks back I was craving a scone but since I was at home and had the time I wanted to make something instead of buying it. I also wanted to see if I could make a healthier version of our family recipe for scones. Of course I headed to Pinterest! 
       I had a look for an Irish scone recipe and something came up for a mix between a scone and a soda bread. I wanted to give it a go, however I did make a few adaptations... I added nuts, chia seeds and flax seeds as well as exchanging the white flour for wholewheat flour. 

      They turned out really well! I found that they were quite different to any other baked goods I'd made before but they tasted great - I even had my brother request I make them again. Just a tip, I found they don't rise much so only roll it out as thick as you want it. Enjoy! And let me know if you have a go at making them! 

I can't wait to make them again :) 

Much love, Beth xxx