Saturday, 18 October 2014

Endometriosis - why it's not wrong to ask questions!

I feel like as we go through life we all learn lessons. I learnt one just last week! I'm hoping maybe my new found knowledge might be able to help some of you too. 

Any timid guys might want to stop reading here... The dreaded 'P' word is coming up!

Being honest, I don't think I ever would have found out I had endometriosis if it hadn't been for my mum. I've always had painful periods from the word go! Every other girl in high school seemed to float through their period without any bother and I'd be the crazy girl sitting in the corner rocking back and forth, cramped up in pain, with the P.E teacher trying to convince me I'd be in less pain if I ran around the room for the lesson... Fun!

But after numerous doctors appointments with not much feedback other than being prescribed painkillers. I genuinely believed excruciating pain was normal or at least normal for me. I knew about cysts on your ovaries but beyond that I was na├»ve. 

Back in December, I was in quite a lot of pain in my stomach and I went to see a GP, I ended up being admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis. Many tests later, my appendix was fine! But a cyst had shown up in a scan of my ovaries. 

Hence why I was initially referred to a gynaecologist. At an appointment 3 months later, I kind of felt like it was going no where, after doing another scan and the doctor not being able to see a cyst this time, I was beginning to feel like it was all in my head. Fortunately my pushy, but very loving, mum wasn't leaving the appointment without some sort of explanation. It was then that a laparoscopy for endometriosis was suggested. 

Even right up to the morning of my surgery, I felt like it was a waste of their time, I genuinely thought they wouldn't find anything... How wrong I was!

So...Don't give up! Make a nuisance of yourself and always always always be honest with people about your symptoms.

When trying to do research on the surgery I found a surprisingly little amount of Information on what would happen and how long it would take to recover. So, I'll be doing another post about the operation and the after affects.

I'm a week post surgery now and doing well despite quite a lot of pain initially! 

Thank you for reading this (if any guys continued reading, wow, you have my respect).

Much love, Beth xxx