Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Getting out of bad habits!

I felt like before my operation I'd got into a really good routine of having the right balance between clean food and junk food in order to maintain my weight. Honestly, I hadn't factored it in as something that would be affected by my surgery - I was wrong! 

To be honest the first two weeks after surgery I had to just let food happen! My family very lovingly looked after me, that included anything they could russle up or pick up from a shop/takeaway. Plus most of my visitors brought me sweets & chocolate. The problem is now I'm trying to find my feet again, metaphorically and physically! But what I eat isn't just 'clicking' back into place for me. Half the time I have no appetite, the rest of the time I just want pastries or chocolate which totally isn't 'me'!

I think the fact that I haven't been able to go grocery shopping yet doesn't help. Normally I have lots of clean and healthy snacks bought in. Also, I love to bake. I'm forever cooking clean cookies, oatmeal, scones etc. 

Mentally I'm struggling. All the guilt tripping negativity is coming back but as always I'll battle against it. I know it'll be fine in the long run but let thus be a little advance warning, surgery + healthy eating is hard!!! 

As always, much love, Beth xxx