Sunday, 17 March 2013

Beauty Guru Interview: Alex from OneBeautyAddict

Introducing Alex from OneBeautyAddict...

OneBeautyAddict on  YouTube:

I'm really pleased Alex got in touch. I've really enjoyed watching her YouTube videos for a while now - She does alot of lovely tutorials, hauls and tags. She has a really warm personality that leaves you wanting to watch more and more of her videos. 
So i hope you all enjoy my interview with her! Please check out her YouTube and social media links.

 What is your name? What is the name of your blog or youtube?
My name is Alejandra but I go by Alex. Youtube name: OneBeautyAddict

Describe yourself in 3 words…
Three words that describe me are Fun, loving, adventurous

How would you describe your blog/youtube channel?
My channel is mainly Beauty/Fashion

When did you start blogging/ making youtube videos?
I started making YouTube videos about a month ago
What inspired you to start?
One day last year I looked on YouTube for hair tutorial and opened up a whole new world. I have always been into fashion and beauty but didn't know I could show what I can do and share what I know with the world. This has always been my passion and its funny to look at old videos on beauty channels and see that I was always on trend without knowing about Youtube. This is my passion and I have always been told that so this was my way of pursuing it.

Who is your favourite beauty blogger/youtuber right now?
I love Melissa from Melmphs. She doesn’t care if her videos are perfect or she has the perfect face, hair or look. I love the relaxed and fun vibe she gives and that’s what I am about too. Its about having fun doing what you love.

What is your favourite beauty brand?
My favorite beauty brand is NYX!!! Love everything they have and the cost is amazing for what you get. You always get some misses with brands but they are great across the board.

Ultimate beauty or haircare product that you would recommend?
Ultimate beauty product I would recommend is the Airspun Loose powder. This has been on the market for decades and works wonders on setting your undereye concealer. Its one of those lost behind the drawer products.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I love to travel but haven't gotten to do much of it lately. The world is beautiful and want to be able to see it. I have been to amazing places including Costa Rica where I climbed an active volcano. Yes, lava and all. I have a few more places on my list that I hope to visit before I leave this Earth :)

Have any social media links you’d like to give?
Instagram: onebeautyaddict

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A big Thank You to Alex for answering my questions!

Much Love, Bethany xxx

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