Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Being completely in denial... Food affects your health!

Ok... Time for a confession.... I have been wholeheartedly in denial that what I eat has an affect on my health. 

It's obvious, I know, but it's easy to convince yourself of something if you want to. 

In the past, people have pointed out to me that what I eat has an affect on my inflammation, my digestive system and my general well being. I knew this was true at the time but to be honest I wasn't ready to delve into it. At the time I was focusing on getting my head in the right place and trying to deal emotionally with being diagnosed. 

I've always been fairly healthy however recently life's been getting in the way and I've had a rough few weeks. However I now feel ready to approach the whole topic of food affecting your health & arthritic conditions.

So I decided to blog about it. It will definitely be gradual. I will try to look at what foods I can add in to my current diet rather than focusing on what foods i should eliminate - I know doing this in the past has made me feel so restricted that I haven't stuck to it! 

Initially i plan to take two weeks adjusting things in my diet, trying to focus on something new each day. I will do a blog post in two weeks to let you now how I'm feeling and if I'm noticing a difference in my health. If any recipes or amazing finds come up in between time then I'll definitely blog about it! 

If you've read this whole post, then thank you, it means a lot ❤️ 

Much love, Beth xxx