Monday, 26 January 2015

A letter to anxiety...

Dear anxiety, 

oh you.

yes you, anxiety.

The thing that turns simple situations into my nightmare. 
Quite honestly, there are times when I really hate you.
You make a crowded room feel like one of the most daunting prospects. But what you don't know, is that room is full of people who love me. 

You make me second guess myself, you crush my confidence. You hide and then suddenly overtake me, stopping me in my tracks.

What's even worse is a lot of people don't know you exist. Or the ones that do know you, might not know what it's truly like to put up with you. 

Even though I can't get rid of you, I'm working on giving you less importance. No matter how much you cause me to freak out, you remind me I am human. You help me to relate to others who suffer from you. 

I cannot avoid you. But I can defeat you, one day at a time. You won't stop me being myself. You won't stop me socialising. 

Sometimes you might win. But I won't give up. 

Your (not so much) friend,