Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Clinque diaries DAY #1 dry/blemished skin

Today, I did what I've been putting off for a while and went to Clinique. I would say that I've been fairly lucky in my teens, in that I've never really had to think about skin care. However since I've got to my twenties my skin seems to have gone a little crazy!

I was aware of the 3 step system used by Clinique and as a company I trust their skin care range. I met a very kind shop assistant for Clinique, who as it turns out has very similar skin type to me. I had a number of presenting problems with my skin however the initial and most important thing to get under control is my blemishes. I managed to get a few samples of their anti blemish range which I will be trying for the next couple of weeks and assessing whether I want to buy the full size.

I truly hope it works because I'm fed up having really dry skin! I'll take you on this journey with me with lots of embarrassing close up shots of my very bare face! So here goes ... day 1...

Lots of love, Beth x