Thursday, 1 May 2014

Competing in the Derry Feis 2014 ~ Theatre Thursday

Last week the Derry Feis was taking place and i was very excited to be a part of it! I had entered 3 categories within solo singing - Musical theatre, Opera, and Anglo Irish.

Here's what i sang for each category:
Danny Casey cup (musical theatre) - 'How could i ever know?' The Secret Garden
Lawrence Hasson cup (opera) - 'Deh Vieni non tardar' Marriage Of Figaro
William Bryson cup (anglo irish) - 'A Blackbird Singing' Michael Head

In the days leading up to the competitions i was extremely nervous as i had managed to get laryngitis and i imagined all my worse nightmares coming true, standing in front of the judges with no voice to sing!

I went into full swing recovery mode and managed to get my voice back and my throat hurting less just in time.

I loved competing, not just for experience and criticism but to admire my fellow singers and their craft. I really enjoyed seeing and listening to the competitors older than me, realizing i too could reach the potential they already have.

I reached a 'highly commended' in each category which i was delighted with! I really look forward to competing again next year, when i intend to compete in more categories as well. For now, it's back to working towards my Grade 8 exam!

Much love, Beth x

Here are some photos of me from the different competitions...