Thursday, 9 May 2013


Ahhh! No MAKEUP? Yes!

I have a regular habit of wearing no makeup atleast 2 days a week. Not only does this give your skin time to breathe but more importantly it helps you on the journey of self acceptance and self esteem.

No matter what anyone says every woman on this earth is beautiful. Seriously, if you're reading this, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You just need time to realise it.

I am sharing a photo with you of me, today, wearing no makeup.
I moisturised, put some lip balm on and walked away from the mirror. Don't be afraid to let people see you without makeup. That's the real you.

Makeup can be a bit like a mask, and at one time or another it does need to be removed. I love makeup, I love how it can enhance your look. But that's all it does, ENHANCES what is already beautiful.

Please join me, even just for a day, in wearing no makeup. Enjoy it! Know that I love you all. Be good, be kind and share the love.

Beth xxx