Monday, 6 May 2013

Beth's Everyday: Moisturizer

Hey my lovelies and welcome to a brand new series of blog posts that I am excited to write & share with you all.
I wanted to slowly introduce you all to the products that I use on either a daily or weekly basis.
I'll give them all a short review while I'm at it. That way you can learn all about the products I love & why I love them!
Lets kick it off with my moisturiser. It's called doublebass gel and it's available in most pharmacies/chemists or online. I always get the 500ml bottle as it has a pump (really handy!). That bottle would last me 6 months and I apply moisturiser twice a day (morning/night).
I have dry skin which this moisturizer does a great deal in combating against that. It can become oily if you put too much on so take about a pea size amount and use more if you need it.
It is fairly expensive but it's value and quality outweigh the price making it really worth it.
I'll post a photo of it too :)
I hope you'll enjoy this series of posts as much as I'll enjoy writing them.
Much love, have an amazing week,
Beth xxx