Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mac's 'Ravishing' lipstick

I was so excited to recieve my first Mac Lipstick! I very fortunately won a competition run by a fellow blogger, Hannah Roberts. She is truly a beautiful person and i seriously recommend her blog,  also following her on twitter. So here's the links: 

I thank her so much that she gave me my first mac experience. I carry this lippy with me everywhere! :)

So let's get down to a review. I chose the shade 'Ravishing' in Creme sheen.

I decided upon the shade as i desperately wanted a nice subtle coral lippy and i wasn't disappointed with the shade when i saw it in person.

Also, how come no one ever comments on how AMAZING Mac Lippy's smell? Seriously, yum! 

I was very impressed with the packaging, I love how it shimmers (oh dear, it sounds like i'm in love with a lipstick!)

The coral shade is very buildable which i prefer, so i can choose just how much of an impact i want to make.

Here's some photos of how it looks on my lips!
P.S I have a crooked smile, don't make fun of me...that's just mean!

This is the most long lasting lipstick that i have owned but of course i don't expect miracles, i do have to re-apply after a couple of hours!

There you are! I wanted to give this lovely shade a little bit of exposure, also the wonderful Hannah who allowed me this privledge! Please show her some love by checking out her blog.

Much Love, Beth xxx

If you want to find out how i did this make up look then check out my Youtube tutorial here