Monday, 23 February 2015

Singing in Starbucks ~ Challenge Yourself!

Last week i did an equally petrifying and exciting thing - We performed at Starbucks again!

It’s funny, i still get nervous. In particular with the songs we've never performed before. But its a good type of nervousness, one that reminds me that not everyone has the courage to do what i did. One that makes me very proud of myself when the evening ends…knowing i didn't let the nerves stop me from doing something i love. Now, could i just carry that feeling over to singing opera already?! The idea of it makes my knees start shaking!!!

Since Jay (my brother) and i started performing at Starbucks, we've added in a lot more modern music to our repertoire. Which i love! We always perform it acoustically, but it feels great to have people singing along with you because they know the song.

As always, the staff in our local Starbucks were amazing. I love seeing them having a good time whilst we are performing. They’ve been so welcoming & complimentary to my brother & i. We can’t wait to perform there again soon. 

What i’m taking from this is if i can sing in starbucks for an evening, i can sing opera for 5 minutes in front of people. So at some point soon, i will. I hope you remember to challenge yourself and keep rising to new heights.

As always, Take care & Much Love, Beth xxx

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