Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Jessie Ware @The Mandela Hall, Belfast - 20th January 2015

So back in December on my parent’s Anniversary, my brother surprised me with tickets to go and see Jessie Ware. If i’m honest, i knew he was just as excited to go and see her as i was. 

The day crept up on us, as it always does but we were super excited! Neither of us had been to a concert at the Mandela Hall in Belfast but we knew it was a small enough venue that the gig would be intimate. We arrived super early near the venue but we went off and got some amazing food (Review coming soon) at Scalini’s, followed by a tradition of coffee at Starbucks. We got back just in time for the doors opening, and fortunately there wasn't a crazy queue! So it ended up that we got a sacred spot at the rail. 

We were stood right in front of a speaker, so the sound was pretty intense, but i couldn't care less! 

The guest performance was a band called ‘Dornik’ and what i loved about it was he used to be Jessie Ware’s drummer! Keeping it in the Family!
He gave a really good performance and I've checked out some of their music since. If you'd like to see a video my brother made of their performance then check it out here

Then came on Jessie! The crowd were going mental for her, but it felt lovely to be in a room of people that really appreciated her music. I can definitely say, Jessie gave an amazing performance, her performance was actually better than any recorded music.  

What i loved most, was how real she was throughout the concert. She chatted away to people between the songs and let us in on a little background story to some of the songs. I really enjoyed myself and i came away from the evening feeling like i’d had an amazing time. I would definitely go to a concert at the Mandela Hall again, and i would definitely see Jessie Ware in concert again.

Hope you enjoyed my review, check out some more photos below.

Much Love, Beth

Check out my brothers Instagram for photos he took of Jessie Ware at the concert!