Monday, 10 June 2013

Hard times...

Recently, life has given me nothing but negativity to dwell on. I am such a positive person & I find the good in every situation, but that's been harder than normal these last few weeks.

I was first told 11 days ago that a friend of mine had suddenly died. Although I love the idea of keeping in touch with everyone, I'm very lazy when it comes to putting that in action. So, I had'nt spoken to this friend in a few months.

I knew her from school, we shared the same form class aswell as art, technology, English, drama etc.

Although her sudden death brought me much sadness and has brought life temporarily to a halt. This isn't about me, this is a tribute to her.

As much as she did have a certain friend group in school she made everyone feel special. She had this way of speaking to you, even briefly, but making you feel like you were really cared for.

She was a beauty of a woman. Absolutely stunning, even without makeup and in her school uniform she was gorgeous.

So here's to Kerry. May her family find peace.

We'll see her again.

Unfortunately this isn't the end of the rollercoaster that has been the last few weeks, but I'll deal with that in another post soon.

Keep safe, tell your family you love them.
I love you all,
Beth xxx