Saturday, 7 March 2015

Guapo - THE best Mexican in Northern Ireland - Review!

If you’d ask me a couple of years back what my favourite Mexican restaurant was in the local area I wouldn’t haven't been able to answer. There has been a complete lack of good Mexican food in Northern Ireland for way too long. Thank goodness for Guapo!! 

The only experience of mexican i’d had was what my mum cooked at home (which by the way is pretty awesome!). About a year ago, My mum introduced me to Guapo and i’ve loved everything i’ve had from there since. 

Before i talk about the food, i have to talk about the staff. They are always incredibly polite! Mum & i always have loads of questions about the food and they are always happy to answer them. Oh and get this, the food is all made fresh everyday, as it should be!!! But unfortunately a lot of restaurants & cafes don't!

First off, what really stood out to me was the variety of choices and combinations you could make. It was like Subway… but way better.
I personally love their burrito bowl, everything you’d get inside a burrito without the guilt or in my case, bloating that comes from eating bread. But you can get a burrito, fajita, tacos & nachos as a base instead
You can then choose from a variety of meats (chicken/beef/chilli/pork), all of which are amazing, if you cant decide you can try a bit of each or simply have a vegetarian option. 

(Mum's Vegetarian burrito bowl!!)

Next up, Two of my favourite things you get on every dish are the Beans and the salsa. I’ve not advanced past the ‘mild’ options in each of those… someday i’ll be brave! But its so flavoursome!! Then they top off your meal with lettuce, cheese & sour cream.

Also they’ve just started with lunchtime deals, which was i got last time i was there. I got soup & mini burrito for £3.50, it was so tasty & filling, i’ve been craving it ever since! I can’t wait to go again!!

 (Lunchtime Deal -  Soup & Mini Burrito £3.50)
I’d definitely recommend giving Guapo a go. Whatever ideas you have about Mexican food, don’t judge it until you try it for yourself - i reckon you’ll love it.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page here, Give them a like and show them some love! 

I hope if you're in the area soon you'll give it a go,
Much love, Beth xxx