Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Spoonie post • why are showers so exhausting??

If you suffer from any sort of illness, chronic pain or blood pressure problems you will know what I mean when I say showers are hard work. 

I love it when people say, "I'll just have a quick shower". A quick shower very rarely exists for spoonies. It can be mentally exhausting and physically draining. I know that sounds stupid, 5 years ago I lived pain free and I never thought twice about showering! 

Rather than dwell on all the negative aspects, I wanted to give a few helpful hints that help make showers slightly easier...

• Plan your shower - you may not always be able to do this but I like to try and think about what days in the week I'll be showering in relation to how much I've got scheduled that day. 

• Drink water before you shower - this is definitely a good idea if you have any blood pressure issues, but drinking water can counteract the heat and tiredness that it'll bring on. 

• Allow time for rest or a nap afterwards - give your body time to recover. 

• Accept that showers ARE exhausting - We can be our own worst enemy in diminishing problems, better to acknowledge it and see what can be done than ignore it all together.

I hope these few tips help, they are all from my personal experience if you have any more tips or thoughts on the subject just leave me a comment below.

As always, much love, Beth xxx