Monday, 30 September 2013

Reasons to believe in yourself

All to often i hear of people having no confidence in themselves or in what they can achieve in life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect and all to often doubt starts to creep in but i hope that on the whole we can see and realize the potential that we all have inside of ourselves.
When i was diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome 3 years ago,  i didn't know what my future held. But i was confident that no condition or amount of pain would stop me from being the beautiful young woman i am. Truly, we all should have purpose in our lives.  I know what's it like to feel a little lost inside yourself but have confidence,  you'll find your direction.
Giving of yourself and caring for others is something that can make you so beautiful. Look at areas in your life where you can reevaluate and adjust to help others.
My first challenge to you is to help you realize that you are beautiful. I want you to go through your photos on your computer and social media. Find several photos you like of yourself and then make it public- via blog post, google+, facebook, instagram etc.
The important thing is acknowledging that you see yourself as the beautiful people you are.
So here's mine...
These photos are the photos that i love to look at because they remind me of all the times i have felt confident and beautiful :)
Have a great day,
Much love, Beth xxx